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Remaining Globally Competitive

Leveraging strategic inputs to race ahead of competition

GKAFC can be an ideal partner in providing strategic competitor intelligence. With experience of in-house and network partners, close observation and by attending to numerous operational and tactical issues with companies cutting across industrial sectors, the centre has acquired the documentation, data analysis and presentation skills to address the needs. Our findings, recommendations, and scenario analysis will enable clientele and partners to make informed decisions on various critical business issues.

At GKAFC, we take immense pride in offering robust competitive monitoring services that can assist in gaining competitive advantage over others. Most data analytic units rely on secondary or tertiary sources of information that is already available in public domain. With our strong government and industry networks, GKAFC analytics are most often based on primary data sources. A few advantages of using our service are:

  • Early stage vetting of product development and technology deployment before it gets rolled out into the market
  • Regulatory filing and assistance with vigilance requirements
  • Identifying portfolio and alliance opportunities
  • Identifying new markets and profitable business opportunities
  • Leveraging and upholding intellectual property rights

The qualitative data assistance that Team GKAFC provides from numerous primary, secondary and tertiary sources will give a distinct competitive edge in terms of:

  • Gaining business advantage about rival brands their strategies
  • Speeding up the decision-making process
  • Unlocking the true value of products

GKAFC through its extensive service portfolio and network facilitates communities and industries in export and expansion, by helping them get their systems and processes in place and in line with international standards and certification, while also mitigating the associated risks (like Business Risk, HSE Risk, Financial Risk, Transit Risk etc.). The Centre also renders testing, standards &certification services through tie-ups with a slew of testing agencies, notified bodies and experts.

Capability Statement

Advisory Services for adoption of Standards and Certification for a client who is into manufacturing of Binding Machines/ UV Coating Machines, while also helping him export his products in compliance with EU standards.