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Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation

Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation Centre (IPFC), Ahmedabad & Indore

In the present scenario of knowledge and technology economy, creativity, novelty and the cult of innovation has received substantial importance. Consequently, Intellectual Property and Rights attached to it has become treasurable tool as IPR, to protect innovations and inventions & gain competitive advantage in open economy. Therefore development of strong and robust IPR system is an urgent need for India.

CII, the key industry associations in India pursuing the strengthening of the Indian IPR system and thus has established the Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) in association with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME), Government of India to boost IP Culture & enhance the intellectual capital IPFC facilitates the Industry & startups to nurture their creativity, novelty and innovation by encouraging IPR protection.


  • Enable MSMEs to understand, identify, document, protect & commercialize intellectual property for competitive advantage
  • Set up public search facility at IPFC premises, to train MSMEs/Academia/R&D labs etc.
  • Hand-hold MSMEs to leverage IP in their day to day business for excellence
  • Render services for the strategic management of Technology and IPR
  • Capacity building by IP awareness and training programmes.
  • Facilitate creation of an eco-system for the comprehensive awareness & leverage the IPR by all the stakeholders
  • Deliver services through in-house experts and through a network of IP experts

IPFC Offers

  • Patentability Assessment i.e. Prior Art Search Report.
  • IP Protection Facilitation: Filing and prosecution of Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications and Copyrights in National Phase & International phase
  • IP Management: Handhold to setup in-house IP Cell from ‘scratch to launch’, to equip the client to develop an IP Portfolio & commercialize such IPR’s
  • Ecosystem: Conduct IPR awareness sessions / Seminar / Training Modules at CII IPFC, in the premises of MSMEs, academia, R&D labs etc.
  • Reports & Recommendations: Assist the stakeholders with relevant reports and suggestions
  • Innovation / Technology refinement and assessment