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Facilitating Startups

Enabling group-wide synergies and entrepreneurial independence

Although India has emerged as a seeding ground for new ventures, reports indicate that nearly 50 per cent of start-ups fail within the first three years of their launch. At GKAFC, we believe that entrepreneurs do not fail, enterprises do.

There is no dearth of business IDEAS in India. What is lacking is PROCESS knowledge and PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS on how to implement a brilliant idea. GKAFC Centre can help get those ideas off the ground by presenting multiple scenario-planning choices and alternatives that can lead to a successful business venture.

  • We have the know-how to assist technology-based start-ups get off the ground and running
  • Help them tap into multiple sources for capital by exploring for funding options with VCs, Angel Investors etc.
  • Business Planning & Strategizing : Giving their concept a proper shape and structure alligning to their vision
  • IPR Facilitation Services
  • Product/ Technology Assessment : Alignment of their product or service offerings to the current market demands
  • Product Standardization & Certifications : Adherence to the compliances related to Quality & Standards
  • Facilitating Market Development during the initial stabilization phase
  • Industry / R& D Collaboration
  • Enterprise Development
  • Pilot Demonstration Studies etc.,
  • Handholding Support