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Facilitating Industries

Facilitating Industries & MSMEs to strengthen their R&D practices & system

Research, Development & Innovation plays an important role in improving the efficiency & effectiveness of the industry to compete at the global level. For a strong and robust knowledge & innovation creation, it is imperative for industries to invest in R&D. Such industrial investment in the research & development proves to be a focused & sensible approach towards developing new, innovative & high value products. This stimulates innovations and fosters creativity to turn ideas into products, processes, services, knowledge transfers & interconnects intellectual, financial, human, and creative capital.

It is crucial to develop an innovation ecosystem where ideas and knowledge flow across firmboundaries. Also it is important to build a robust innovation and IPR protection environment to enablethe individual innovators & companies to conduct the open trade without destroying any competitive advantage they might have.

In order to encourage R&D initiatives by industry, and to make R&D an attractive proposition, CII GKAFC has been playing a proactive role in

  • Assisting the research & innovation driven industry to align their research & innovation strategy with the latest trends
  • Facilitate in documenting their ongoing research &development
  • Facilitate in formulating R&D policies & road map
  • Facilitate them to avail the incentives available through the schemes launched by State & Central Governments
  • Facilitate to commercialize the innovative technology & processes