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Anjan Das

India has recognized long before than the most ancient nations of the worldand acknowledged the fundamentals, importance & value of science and technology&thereinhad cultivated a strong foundation. The contribution of ancient and medieval India in the area of science and technologycovered all the major branches of human knowledge and activities.However, even with this strong basic foundation, India is yet to achieve a strong & robust intellectual repositioning.

India’s recent excellent performance in the global economy is a result of the growing role of innovation, research &development and technological advancements. Each stakeholderhave realizing this very well and have been playing dynamic role towards creating arobust eco-system.

Confederation of IndianIndustry (CII), realizing the need of the time, initiated its activities in the area of technology from the first quarter of the 90s (during early 90s). CII aims to play an active role towards creating a strong and efficient research& innovation driven environs. The Technology Division of CII has been closely working with the state &central governments, industry, academia and other parts of the world to rekindle the cult of innovation and creativity in the industry and to establish the right linkages for successful technology absorption and commercialization.

Gujarat, is the home for the dynamic Industrialists, Innovator and Entrepreneurs. Various economic reform measures by the Government of Gujarat with an explicit emphasis ontrade and industry has considerably benefited the state and has made its economic performance outstanding.The state government has contribute dimmensely towards creating a sustainable environment and has taken credible steps towards creating an innovation driven ecosystem which acts as a catalyst for the multi-faceted balanced development and will further drive the state towards being most industrialized. However, Gujarat still has an enormous potential in the area of innovation, science & technology which is required to be harnessed.

As a leap forward in this area, Confederation of IndianIndustry (CII) with the support of Government of Gujarat has set-up Gujarat Knowledge Application & Facilitation Centre (GKAFC) to support & facilitate Industry, Technopreneurs and Society. CII GKAFC has been envisioned to support the growth&developmental needsof the Industry & nurture the industry acumen.

I wish CII GKAFC all the very best and also wish that the industries, technopreneurs & society will be benefited by making use of the knowledge and expertise of the institution and in-house experts.
Warm regards,

Anjan Das
Executive Director – Technology
Confederation of Indian Industry