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Advisory & Consulting Services

Empowering decision-making process

GKAFC brings out a blend of industry knowledge, strategic input, funding opportunities, networking capabilities, innovation initiatives, market experience, skill assessment and enhancement, policy advocacy, event planning, incubation services, and qualitative analytical skills to the table tailored to client specific business needs. The ability to integrate business intelligence from diverse disciplines makes CII GKAFC an ideal partner and service provider to empower the decision-making process.

Business Planning & Market Assessment

GKAFC assists its clients in assessing the attractiveness of a market, predicting market size and growth potential for a specific product lines. These studies & recommendations deploys tools and parameters such as key demand drivers, competitive landscaping, regulatory environment etc., with a strategic focus before validating an opportunity and arm the clientele with concrete business plans.

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Technology Research & Commercialization

Team GKAFC works with a host of clients while catering to their research requirements and helping them choose the appropriate solution for their business or project execution.

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Remaining Globally Competitive

GKAFC can be an ideal partner in providing strategic competitor intelligence. With experience of in-house and network partners, close observation and by attending to numerous operational and tactical issues with companies cutting across industrial sectors, the centre has acquired the documentation, data analysis and presentation skills to address the needs. Our findings, recommendations, and scenario analysis will enable clientele and partners to make informed decisions on various critical business issues.

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Customer Satisfaction Studies

In the absence of consumer feedback, it's very difficult to gauge the extent of customer loyalty and engagement with a product. In association with its channel partners, GKAFC can arrange a gamut of survey instruments, technology tools and data mining techniques to provide actionable, real-time reports on consumer experience, consumer perception, satisfaction and response to products and services, to change and impact future buying behavior. Our results and reports provide a comprehensive strategy to improve organization's performance, service, quality, market margins etc.

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Bid Evaluation

The purpose of bid evaluation is to quantify the required specifications against the need, determine which bid best meets the technical and financial criteria, while taking into accounts factors such as price, delivery and work specification.

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Facilitating Industries & MSMEs to strengthen their R&D practices & system

Research, Development & Innovation plays an important role in improving the efficiency & effectiveness of the industry to compete at the global level. For a strong and robust knowledge & innovation creation, it is imperative for industries to invest in R&D.

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